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IDFG Noxious Weed Data Collection App

We set out to create a simple interface which allowed Fish & Game agents to easily add and edit jobs in their account. Both map and project data needed to be saved on the device so that it could be accessed anytime regardless of connection.


We utilized Apple's MapKit on iOS and Google maps on Android, standard available mapping solutions to save on development costs. Using XCode for iOS and Android Studio from Google, we created a mapping interface that recorded data using GeoJSON parameters and stored it in a database for the addition of the other treatment and eradication methods applied. Agents can save jobs on their device for later data collection, and all location and mapping information remains intact.


The first version released was a success and met with much excitement. The data collected by the app is a powerful tool for the agency to efficiently manage their limited resources. Version 2 upgrades are slated for the next state budget session, and there is potential to release the app to the public for citizen reporting of noxious weed infestations.

Client / 

Idaho Fish & Game


Role / 

Art Direction

App Coding



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