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Agami Superfoods

Idaho manufacturer of high quality chocolate contracted 3 Dog Creative to create a brand for their new raw pure cacao chocolate bar.  The product was to be marketed to the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) community.


Design features rich colors and mayan imagery to highlight the single source origin of their cacao, along with high quality printing and UV spot gloss varnish to give the product a luxurious high-end feel.  Additional versions such as “Energy” and “Relax” were created to tailor to specific markets.


Agami Superfoods has seen tremendous growth over the past three years and will be launching new items in their existing line of products. New product lines are also in development, and their ingredients have been cobranded numerous times.

Client / 

Agami Superfoods


Role / 

Art Direction

Design Layout



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In the hyper-competitive food and supplement market, resonating with your intended audience can be very difficult. With an average of only three seconds or less to capture your customer's attention, impactful engaging graphics are key to notice your product. Advertising is a useful and potent vehicle which includes creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation to promote new products and remind people about the changes made to the old. It's about selling, sure; but sometimes it's more than just that alone.

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